About me

Who is Goddess Patricia?

An Ebony Goddess

A natural ebony beauty, my dedication to maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is paramount to my well-being. With a rigorous exercise routine of at least four times a week and indulgent spa days, I prioritize self-care and vitality.

The women in my family always taught me to carry myself with grace, class, and elegance. Everywhere I go, I dress to impress, and keeping my hair, skin, and nails in top condition is essential for my well-being. I enjoy life’s finer things, such as an expensive bottle of Rose, a gourmet meal, or a night out enjoying the art or music scene.

meet goddess patricia

My Style Of Femdom

Every Goddess has her very own style of dominating a submissive male, and over the years, I’ve become my own version of a Goddess. My personality is sensual and seductive, and I’ve always enjoyed the teasing aspect of female dominance.

Teasing and seducing a man into giving me what I want is an aphrodisiac for me. Many Mistresses are into cruel dominance or humiliation. However, I thrive on a highly seductive approach with the  submissive I’m training. Sometimes, I may even come off as motherly or nurturing. It really would depend on what side of me you need the most. 

Growing into the Goddess I am has been a fulfilling journey, and I look forward to exploring more as I mature. Life is meant to be lived and pleasures enjoyed, so that’s my mission in life. I love helping submissive men find out what makes them happy and fulfilled. 

That’s why I’ve created this website.

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